Additional services

To ensure the most comfortable stay in city, we offer variety of additional services that we are able to organize for you. All you need is to e-mail us or give us a call before arrival (or even during stay) so we could check and prepare everything. Starting with transfers, through restaurant or attraction
recommendations, to trips around Gdańsk and surrounding area.


On request we are able to organize transfers from and to airport or to any other place – for one Guest,
family or for whole group. We can offer you transfer in standard car, economy class, premium class or
bus. Below price list for the transfer from airport to apartment and few photos of cars. In case of any
questions, contact us.

Standard40,00 €
Mercedes E Class50,00 €
Mercedes S Class75,00 €
Mercedes V Class55,00 €

Tours and attractions

Suite 9 is located just 2-minutes’ walk from Motława, which is one of the main points of the city. As you walk along the river, you can see whole with everything it offers; World War II Museum, European Solidarity Centre, Uphagen House or lot of restaurants in the Old Town.

Beer Tour

It is option of tour around city that includes visit best local places. Whole tour lasts about 3 hours and
during this time participants are getting familiar with history of beer crafting in Gdańsk. Of course
degustation is included – 3 different places and 8 different beers. You can’t miss this!

tour for 2 guestsfrom 135,00€ / group
tour for 3 guestsfrom 160,00€ / group
tour for 4 guestsfrom 185,00€ / group
tour for 5 guestsfrom 210,00€ / group

Food Tour

Just like beer tour, this one includes visiting in best local places in Gdańsk. If you never before tried
Kashubian food and you love fish dishes – this is perfect option for you. You can combine it with
sightseeing, which will allow you to rest a bit between stops for food in restaurants and will add you

tour for 2 guestsfrom 160,00€ / group
tour for 3 guestsfrom 185,00€ / group
tour for 4 guestsfrom 210,00€ / group
tour for 5 guestsfrom 235,00€ / group

Gdańsk in Golf Cart

This option is less demanding and maybe even more interesting – a drive through Gdańsk with a guide and a visit to the most beautiful viewpoints. At your disposal are modern and at the same time vintage
golf carts, which will prove to be a great option for colder or rainy days.

2-hour tour65,00€
3-hour tour75,00€

Amber Tour

It is a guided tour that includes places like Highland Gate, Amber Museum, Golden Gate, St. Mary’s Church, Main Town Hall and many more. It is not without reason that Gdańsk is called the capital of amber. During this 2-hour tour you will learn why

98,00 € / 2-hour tour

Segway Tour

It is a great way to explore the city and have a lot of fun at the same time. This 90-minute trip is led by a professional guide that will ensure safety and what is most important, great entertainment. During
this tour participants will see the most beautiful places in Gdańsk and the must-see points in the center.
Tours are in Polish, English, German or Russian.

62,00 € / 90 minutes / person

Bike Tour

Another option for spending active time in Gdańsk is guided bike tour. There are several different
routes to choose from; from a standard tour in city center to routes that reach New Port and the Lighthouse, Sopot City or even Gdynia City. Tour is adapted so that everyone can see as much as possible and not necessarily get tired too much.

37,00 € / 3 hours / person

Canoes, water bike, boat cruises

While staying in Gdańsk it is hard not to check the offer for canoes, water bikes, boats or yachts. Various forms of water recreation are very popular here, especially during the summer season. You can choose from a wide range – from the rental of boats and motorboats on Motława to Party Boat.

Canoe for 213,00 € / 1h
Water bike for 5 person40,00 € / 1h
Motorboat for 6 person98,00 €/ 1h
House Boat XS75,00 € / 1h
Party Boat86,00 €/ 1h

Yacht cruises

A sailing yacht cruise is a great option to spend a day in Pomerania. Ibe of the most popular cruises is
the along sunset from Gdańsk to Sopot or full-day sightseeing of the Tricity from the seaside. Of
course, during it is planned mooring and disembarkation for lunch at local restaurant near marina.

Price list on request